After many months of working with cybersecurity experts to understand what it would really, actually take to help protect people from crime online we launched a trial of our full onboarding process in June. 

There were many questions we wanted answered, including:

  • Does it work?
  • Does it help?
  • Will people do it?,  and
  • Will they continue it?

We waited patiently while our testers – adults between 50 – 70 from all different backgrounds and levels of computer skills – went through the process from the first assessment to being presented with a personal plan to implementing their plans with help to learning how to actually monitor their dark web and credit reports.

At the end of August the trial was over and an outside consultant performed interviews with each participant. Finally we would get our answers. The answers we got were worth the wait to say the least.

All of our trial users got value from the onboarding experience and every trial user performed actions that reduce their risk of losing assets and other damages from an attack. They all want to continue with 3GO and more than half want to get 3GO for their children, spouses and/or parents.

We are very grateful for their help improving our onboarding process and especially happy to know they found it valuable and worthwhile. Here are some of their comments in their own words:

“Before I would sit with it in my gut the whole time. What if I’m hacked?”

“Once we had the list and I could pop right through them and check off my little boxes (something I should have been able to easily do on my own) that alone was worth the money to have someone walk me through that and just confirm.”

“Getting a blessing on a best practices approach to security it relieved me of untold stress that I didn’t know I was under.”

“I’d be interested in part for me – but in a larger part to get my kids focused on this, and my father-in-law a place where he gets comfort and my wife too.”

“If there was a family plan I’d get it so my wife and my kids who are just coming on, who just now have their first Schwab accounts and credit cards.”

“You took me from spotty compliance with best practices and really not even sure what best practices would be. To understanding best practices implementing them and implementing them systematically. Getting the accounts into the right buckets how should I be treating them? Adding 2 factor, fixing passwords that weren’t good enough and getting me over the hump of just relying on one password.”