Be the Boss of your Online Security

3GO is revolutionizing the way we keep ourselves safe online. We get to know you through painless assessments and create a custom program – a combination of education and targeted actions – just for you. Complete the actions and you’re protected from 90% of online threats. You can choose how much help you get from us as you implement your actions. 

The best part is –  this is free to you for 6 months as an Early Adopter! All we ask is that you give us feedback through a few surveys and a check-in call with one of our founders.

Q: What info do you need from me to develop a security plan?

A: We have partnered with industry experts to identify the key dimensions of every person’s online profile that impacts their security. These include types of devices you have, organizations you transact with online and overall security knowledge. We keep the questions quick and simple, but deliver a holistic protection package in exchange.

Q: What exactly is a security plan?

A: Based on your profile, we will give you a list of actions to take to address online vulnerabilities. These may include strengthening passwords, adding multi-factor authentication and identifying your most important online accounts. For each action, we explain the potential threat and why we are asking you to address it. This makes the process quick, easy and (almost) fun!

Q: What’s a 3GO Cybersecurity Specialist?

A: You’ll have a cybersecurity specialist coaching and supporting you, kind of like a personal trainer for security instead of physical fitness. Any time you have a question about anything in your plan, or any other cybersecurity concern, you contact your specialist. 

Q: How can I measure how much safer I am getting?

A: At 3GO we have developed a numerical measure of your overall security. Similar to a Credit Score. Currently we are using it internally, but are working as fast as possible to surface it to all our members. Our goal is to get every one of our members to a Good or Great security score as they go through our program.

Q: Do I need a computer and smartphone?

A: If you have a smartphone and a computer (laptop, desktop or tablet) that’s great. You’ll be able to access your 3GO account from any of these devices. If you do not have a smartphone you can do everything from your computer or tablet, no problem.

Q: Do I have to tell 3GO my account numbers and passwords?

A: No. No one from 3GO will ask for any of your account numbers, passwords, credit card numbers or any other sensitive information.

Q: What kind of feedback is 3GO looking for?

 A: All kinds! Our goal is to remove as much confusion and frustration as possible while making you as safe as possible. We’ll be looking for your feedback on our program design – our pace, the way to explain concepts, the amount of territory we cover, etc. 

Q: How much will this cost for people who are not Early Adopters?

A: This will depend on how much support a member wants as they work on their Security Plan. The early adopter program will help finalize the pricing on the various tiers. Once your 6 months are done, we will reach out to you with more info on pricing and tiers so you can make a decision.

Q: Is it really free for me?

A: Yes. As an Early Adopter you will receive six months of 3GO free of charge. That is plenty of time to get all your Core Protections in place and to explore additional protection if you are interested.  The only time you will pay 3GO is at the end of six months if you wish to continue your membership.

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