Q: Remind me what this 3GO Early Adopter thing is all about?

A: We’re about to go to market with our cybersecurity service which builds valuable and measurable protection against the online attacks that are outrageously common.  As an Early Adopter you’ll try our service free of charge and tell us about your experience. 

Q: How does your service work? Is it people or technology or what?

A: Both. You’ll have a cybersecurity specialist coaching and supporting you, kind of like a personal trainer for security instead of physical fitness. You’ll start with an assessment session so we can customize a plan for you. Once your plan is ready you’ll work with your specialist on a checklist of protective actions. Any time you have a question about anything in your plan, or any other cybersecurity concern, you contact your specialist.  Plus we have a desktop and mobile application which makes it easy and secure to schedule calls, track your progress and interact with your specialist. 

Q: What’s a 3GO Cybersecurity Specialist?

A: Watch this video and let Danny explain!

Q: How do I know this makes me safer?

We’ll be measuring the improvement in your protection with our first of its kind personal cybersecurity framework. We’ll apply the same methodology that corporations and government agencies use to assess and improve their cybersecurity.

Q. Do I need a computer and smartphone?

A: If you have a smartphone and a computer (laptop, desktop or tablet) that’s great. You’ll be able to access your 3GO account from any of these devices. If you do not have a smartphone you can do everything from your computer or tablet, no problem. 

Q. How does scheduling work?

A: Through the 3GO app. As soon as you set up your online account the 3GO application will prompt you to schedule your first session. 

Q. Do I have to tell 3GO my account numbers and passwords?

A: No. No one from 3GO will ask for any of your account numbers, passwords, credit card numbers or any other sensitive information. 

Q. What kind of feedback is 3GO looking for?

 A: All kinds! Our goal is to remove as much confusion and frustration as possible while making you as safe as possible. We’ll be looking for your feedback on our program design – our pace, the way to explain concepts, the amount of territory we cover, etc. We want to know how to make our app more intuitive and if there were issues with how we show you your plan and progress. We will ask about your sessions with specialists, of course. We’re committed to ongoing improvement so we’re not trying to “rank” our people, we are looking for ways to enhance our training program and other aspects of our service.

Q: How much will this cost for people who are not Early Adopters?

A: We anticipate that our service will be in the $350/year range. 

Q: Is it really free for me?

A: Yes. As an Early Adopter you will receive six months of 3GO free of charge. That is plenty of time to get all your Core Protections in place and to explore additional protection if you are interested.  The only time you will pay 3GO is at the end of six months if you wish to continue your membership.

Q: Sounds great! When do I start?

A: You should receive an invitation in April.

Have another question?

Please reach out to support@3GO.com

Actually, we have a few questions for you! 

There are a few things we need to know (your time zone, if you have used Zoom before) and a few things we’d like to know (Are you worried about anything specific? Have you ever used a password manager?) This will help us understand your needs and match you to the right 3GO Specialist.

If you have not yet submitted an Early Adopter form you can do it now using this link. We really appreciate it.