Most People Aren't Sure How to Protect Themselves

We spoke to thousands of people about security and privacy. They told us they were worried and knew they weren’t doing enough, and many said they tried to do more, but it was too confusing and complicated.

We made 3GO Score and Secure for all of us. We all need to know our risks, where to start, and what to do. 

Criminals are Serious about Attacking You,
How Serious is your Defense?

Do you know your risk of being attacked? That’s an easy one because we are all being attacked constantly with phishing, scams and invitations to click on suspicious links.

Most of the time we are protected by our browsers, email services, operating systems, and our common sense. Unfortunately, the better these defenses get the more sophisticated the attacks get. 

It only takes one slip-up to become the victim of a successful attack and suddenly you are spending your time dealing with whatever bad thing happened to your money, computer, social media accounts, etc. 

Being attacked is inevitable. Being successfully attacked is not. 

What Score & Secure Users Say

3GO Score & Secure

How hard is it to get your Cyber Score and reduce your risks? In this video, 3GO CEO Alex Ruiz will show you easy it is! 

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