Support FAQs

Who is behind 3GO Security Inc?

Great question! In addition to experience developing products that are engaging and and essential to their users, 3GO leaders have a combined 300+ years of cybersecurity experience. Check out our About Us page.

Do I need to create an account to use 3GO?

Yes! Creating a 3GO account is quick, easy and free! No credit card required. This allows us to protect your information, calculate your personal Cyber Score and recommend actions specific to your online security.

What is 3GO Secure?

An all-in-one online security app that helps you protect your personal devices and data, your identity, your home network, and more. It starts with a quick assessment, shows you your current Cyber Score, and then offers time-saving ways to protect what you care about most.

What is a 3GO Personal Cyber Score?

It’s a measure of your risk and protection from cyber attacks. The better your score the lower your risk of being attacked.

How are 3GO Personal Cyber Scores calculated?

Cyber Scores are based on an assessment of assets (what needs to be protected), the risks those assets represent and the level of protection in place at a given time. Some assets are more important than others and some actions are more protective than others so assets and actions are weighted.

How do I improve my 3GO Personal Cyber Score?

By letting us know you completed actions that protect you. For example, implementing MFA, seeing who can see your home network, or setting up automatic system updates on your computer.

How will my score change over time?

More than half of all consumers have experienced a cybercrime, with around one in three falling victim in the past year alone. A higher score indicates a lower risk that you will become one of those victims.  

Why should I care about my Cyber Score?

More than half of all consumers have experienced a cybercrime, with around one in three falling victim in the past year alone. A higher score indicates a lower risk that you will become one of those victims.  

Who can see my 3GO Personal Cyber Score?

You and anyone you choose to share it with.  

What do I do with my Cyber Score?

You can take actions that improve your score and your protection against attacks.  It’s up to you to decide how you want to take actions. You can focus on protecting something specific like your financial assets or on avoiding a specific threat like ransomware.

What do I do if I don’t have time to learn about online security?

We get it. Most people think cybersecurity is hard and time-consuming. We really do make it easier. Instead of educating you on every possible topic – we find out what you need to protect and give you step-by-step instructions. Take one action at a time and work at your own pace. You’ll be surprised how quickly small, easy actions add up to much better security.

What if I can’t afford cybersecurity?

Once upon a time cybersecurity was about software you would buy and expensive monitoring services. The good news is – you probably don’t need to spend a penny to protect yourself, it’s much more important to do certain things than it is to buy anything. 

How are you making 3GO free?

3GO Secure – our online security app for individuals – is a subset of the product we are developing to make cybersecurity easy for small businesses.   That product will be very affordable, but not free. We realized we could offer a product for individuals as a public service and are very excited to do so.  

Will 3GO Secure always be free for individuals?

There will always be a free tier that includes getting your 3GO Personal Cyber Score and recommended actions. We may add a premium tier with additional features, content and support. 

What is an “asset”

Something you want to protect. Assets include your devices (not just computers and phones, but also home devices like smart doorbells), your key accounts, your identity and your data.

What is an “action”?

An action is something you can do to protect an asset or your overall online security. For instance, a stronger password on your bank account is an action that protects your bank account . A higher privacy setting on your social media accounts protects your overall security.

Will the recommended actions really protect me?

Yes. The vast majority of cyber attacks on individuals would be prevented by taking the actions recommended by 3GO. Of course no one can ever be 100% protected.

How do you come up with recommendations?

The 3GO assessments, scoring methodology and mitigative action recommendations are based on the 3GO Security and Privacy Control Catalog adapted from the NIST 800-53 cybersecurity framework by our Cybersecurity Advisory Board and outside experts.

My Cyber Score is really helpful, can I send a link to my friends/family so they can get their score?

Yes! Please spread the word! Our dream is to make everyone more secure! The best place to send folks is to

I am having trouble with the 3GO App, how can I contact 3GO?

Email us at

I’d like to leave product feedback/ideas, how can I contact 3GO?

We value all feedback and ideas. Please send them to We are furiously working on improving the product, so we may not respond right away but we review every single user idea and feedback.