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With 3GO, Cybersecurity is Personal

All Your Security Needs in One Place:

Personal Coaching, Monitoring, Support & more

What do you need to be safe online? A combination of the right actions, state-of-the-art monitoring and software for your situation.  That’s why at 3GO we start with a highly personal cybersecurity plan that meets your exact needs.

A Security Plan Designed for You

There is no one-size-fits-all security strategy – we start by assessing your vulnerabilities and needs, then design a plan just for you

Experts Who Work With You

We don’t expect you to implement your plan alone – our experts are with you every step of the way from our onboarding sessions to ongoing check-ins

24/7 Security Team

If something goes wrong or you get a suspicious text, call, or email you can contact us at any time. We’re in this together!

“3GO isn’t just software or alerts. It’s hands-on, personal and complete. I highly recommend starting 3GO before you are a victim of identity theft or fraud.”

– Elizabeth Wells, Retired Hospitality Executive

Our 1-2-3

3GO begins with our Core Protections process that puts your most important protections in place.

Even before your onboarding sessions begin, our experts perform a complete assessment of your needs and vulnerabilities. They make recommendations about actions that matter, the kinds of specific threats that pose a risk to you and how technology can best be used to support your security.

Identify And Secure Your Online Life

We start by looking at how you communicate with others, such as email, text, mobile phone, and physical mail, and ensure these channels are secured.

More Details
  • Review identity
  • Establish strong, unique passwords
  • Check forwarding and other rules-based routing
  • Review best practices for user names and credentials
  • Learn to avoid scams such as phishing

Prioritize Accounts Most At Risk

Some accounts are larger security risks than others. We’ll see how your security measures up to what’s needed to thwart the crooks, as well as scammers that are looking to steal Social Security, Medicare, veterans assistance benefits, and more.

More Details
  • Identify important online accounts

  • Lock accounts with strong, unique passwords and enhanced security

Personal Monitoring Plan

Your security team lead will develop a personal monitoring plan and set up a regular check-ins to review your status and work on additional security!

More Details
  • Outline a practice for reviewing accounts
  • Schedule monthly check-ins
  • Establish ID and Credit monitoring
  • Keep your assigned 24/7 hotline team informed

Why haven’t you protected yourself yet?
Do these reasons sound familiar?

  • It’s hard to know where to start and what actually matters
  • You don’t want to buy and install a lot of software
  • Even changing one password after you have been notified of a hack is a huge hassle

You’re in good company. A lot of people feel that way. We started 3GO to give you a way to protect yourself that is effective, efficient and pleasant. Members rate 3GO as useful, interesting and sometimes even fun.

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1-844-2-GET-3GO   |   info@3GO.com