Cybersecurity Specialists

Founded in 2021, 3GO’s mission is to empower every adult to be safe and secure online. The average person is not prepared for the onslaught of attempts to scam them and steal their assets, accounts, and identity. 3GO’s goal is simple, to flip the script on scammers and thieves by showing members how to deflect fraud and protect themselves and their assets. We do this through face-to-face sessions, engaging digital experiences, and sustainable programs.

Here’s the 3GO 1-2-3:

  1. We assess each member’s cybersecurity needs and generate a personalized plan
  2. We assign a cybersecurity specialist to partner with each member on their journey – our specialists follow programs and recommended practices developed by our team of cybersecurity experts
  3. We help each member maintain their new level of security – checking in regularly with ongoing assessment and learning, alerts when relevant events occur, and more

We are ready to make a real difference in protecting America’s cybersecurity. If you’re ready to learn something new and provide an incredibly useful service we want to talk to you.

If you have the qualifications listed below, you do not need cybersecurity experience – we fully train our specialists on cybersecurity practices and 3GO’s measurable approach to improving member safety.

The Team

Our team of cybersecurity specialists have the mission of getting to know our members and guiding their 3GO journey. Our specialists embody 3GO’s values of empathy, empowerment and are the most important part of creating a member experience that creates connections, builds trust and enables us to improve member cybersecurity.

The Role

We train qualified customer support agents, experienced digital tutors, and other candidates who meet our requirements and have a sincere interest in becoming a 3GO Cybersecurity Specialist. You will be backed by a team of extremely qualified cybersecurity experts and have access to everything you need to work with our customers.

What you must bring is your desire to help people, excellent communication skills, the ability to empathize and create explanations that assist different learning styles, and good tech competence. Our specialist environment does require using multiple secure platforms.

Job Description

Here’s where you come in – we’re looking for a Cybersecurity Analyst to ensure our teams stay informed of new cybersecurity threats, mitigation strategies and the best ways to incorporate those strategies into our products. This role is central to our efforts to provide relevant, actionable warnings to our members and to continually update our product in response to changes in the threat environment. This position requires advanced knowledge of the entire cybersecurity ecosystem and will serve as an expert responsible for managing complex, high-profile initiatives.

We’re really looking for someone excited about translating complex cybersecurity concepts and techniques into easy to execute actions. This role will be critical in saving ordinary people from being scammed out of their savings, embroiled in identity theft and other criminal attacks. You’ll work closely with our platform and application development team, cybersecurity specialists group, and learning & development department in a fast-moving, fast growth, fully remote environment.


  • Develop and maintain a deep understanding of the consumer cybersecurity landscape
  • Identify mitigation and protection actions, strategies and tools that can be rolled out to our members
  • Implement mitigation strategies across 3GO’s product suite in partnership with Product, Specialist and Marketing teams
  • Develop a process and toolset to ensure timely and relevant company alerts for new consumer Fraud/Scam attack vectors
  • Identify opportunities for 3GO to take an industry leading role in communicating innovative consume


  • At least three full years of experience in customer service/support roles with excellent performance
  • Strong tech support experience
  • Good communication skills – verbal and written
  • Positive customer-centric attitude – you should love working with and helping customers
  • A self-starter attitude with the ability to work independently and collaboratively
  • An ability to adapt to rapid change and to be open to feedback and coaching
  • Ability to use Zoom, messaging (texting and email-type), and search engines – and the ability to use multiple applications at the same time
  • A Mac or Windows laptop/desktop and internet access sufficient for video conferencing
  • Ability to pass a background check


  • Your day will include scheduled calls with members who are working on their cybersecurity journeys. You may also take incoming contacts from members who have questions about their cybersecurity, need help using 3GO applications or have other customer support needs.
  • During scheduled calls, you will lead members through various scripted one-on-one video sessions to show them how 3GO works, explain why the actions on their plan are important to their protection, and, when needed, show them how to take the actions on their plan.
  • Be present and focused during member interactions. Inspire their trust and confidence, including by being honest when you don’t know something and are going to get help from a team member.
  • Cybersecurity is complicated and dynamic – ongoing training and learning will be part of your 3GO experience.
  • We will also count on you to help us improve our technology and processes to make them more powerful and useful to you and our members.

About 3GO Security

3GO is a personalized security service that protects members from fraud and loss. Every member receives individualized advice and security solutions focused on the steps that matter most to ensure their online security, financial well-being and peace of mind.

3GO is rapidly building a diverse, distributed team. We are committed to equal opportunity and seek to hire people from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and perspectives. The more inclusive we are, the better we can protect all our customers from online threats.

Please submit your resume and cover letter to: Jobs@get3go.com