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About 3GO

Why We Started 3GO

We’ve watched in near disbelief as identity theft and fraud attacks on individuals have become ridiculously common.  Not the obvious texts and emails with far-fetched stories of a prince who needs a loan or a text full of misspellings, but sophisticated attacks that result in lost cash and take a hundred hours to recover from.

We’ve always thought, “that’s unacceptable  – someone should do something.” Especially since it was clear that outside the technology industry few people understood what to do to protect themselves.

When Chris’s parents were hacked in 2020 and we devised a way to prevent repeat attacks, we realized that “someone” was us.


Chris Logan, CEO, has more than 30-years of experience building and scaling communication and cloud data services. Most recently, he held executive positions with JustAnswer, providing on-demand professional services. Chris also served in Senior Executive positions in Health Technology, SweetSpot Diabetes Care (purchased by NASDAQ: DXCM), LiveOps, and Avaya (NYSE: AVYA). He has extensive experience building and managing large teams both in the U.S. and abroad. Chris holds an Engineering degree from the University of California at Davis.

Alex Ruiz, COO, has over 25-years of experience leading global teams in some of Silicon Valley’s premier technology companies. He has held senior roles leading Google’s fraud teams across the entire product portfolio. Alex has led international teams that brought new payment options to emerging markets across Central and South America. Before Google, he was in leadership roles at Admob (purchased by Google), eBay, LiveOps, Transamerica, and Morgan Stanley. He holds an MBA from Stanford Business School and B.S. from Pomona College.

Board of Directors

Larry Zulch, Board Member, has over 30 years of experience successfully commercializing advanced technologies and scaling the companies that deliver those technologies to market. He currently serves as CEO of Invinity Energy Systems plc (LSE : ISE). He was formerly the CEO of Avalon Battery, Dantz Development (acquired by EMC), Photometics, PLCD, Cloud Engines, and Savvius (acquired by LiveAction). He served as VP and Officer at EMC, and as Executive Chairman of Freerange Communications (acquired by Sprint via Handmark).


John Solomon, Advisor, John is the VP and GM of Chrome OS at Google. In this capacity, John and his team are responsible for the development of all aspects of the strategy, product development, and Go-to-Market for Chromebooks – working with the Chrome ecosystem to deliver faster, simpler and more secure computers for consumers, enterprises and education. John is a highly versatile and strategic technology business leader. Before joining Google, John was the VP of Enterprise and Government at Apple, leading the company’s strategic focus on the US enterprise market across private and public sectors . Prior he had a long career at HP culminating in multiple SVP roles across both Printing and PC business units, and running a ~$18B P&L.

Steve Weinstein, Advisor, With a background that spans technology, product development and entertainment, Steve Weinstein is an innovation expert, engineer, entrepreneur, and educator who enjoys building products or teaching others how to build companies using Lean Startup techniques. Steve has been lucky to be a C-level executive of three companies that went public, three that were acquired, and many that had less exciting paths. Steve recently created H4XLabs a dual use early stage incubator and previously created Movielabs, the R&D laboratory funded by all of the Hollywood Major Studios.

Security Advisory Board

Dr. Kimberlee Ann Brannock, CGRCM-IT, CISA, CSOXM, PMP has led HP’s initiatives toward stronger cybersecurity for more than 20 years. She brings extensive knowledge and experience in compliance, risk, governance, IT, information security and privacy. Dr. Brannock holds degrees in accounting, corporate accounting, business, business administration, management information systems, and a professional doctorate in technology and law (jurisprudence). 

Charlie Kawasaki, CISSP is an expert in cybersecurity, internet infrastructure, and edge computing. He has served as the Chief Technology Officer for PacStar for more than 15 years, overseeing technology and product strategy for the company’s high-performance communication solutions for government, defense and commercial uses.

David McLeod, CISSP, CCSK has served as VP/Chief Information Security Officer at Cox Enterprises since 2016 and previously held that role at JC Penney and other companies. He is a Founding Vice-Chair and Board Member of the Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center (R-CISC) – an international arena for the sharing of critical strategic and tactical information.

Quinn Shamblin, CISSP, CISM, C|CISO, GCFA served as the Chief Security Architect for TransUnion following years of experience in security and fraud detection at United Health, and Boston University. Quinn’s expertise includes approaching cybersecurity holistically, reducing risk through technology, behavioral psychology and design.

Mike Wells spent more than 25 years in law enforcement, including 10 years as a Special Agent (SA) with Oregon Department of Justice’s, Criminal Justice Division, Organized Crime Section for over ten years focused on organized crime and criminal cyber matters. He also served on the FBI’s Oregon Cyber Task Force, a multi-jurisdictional state wide resource tasked with investigating complex computer intrusions and digital crimes.

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