What are your privacy & security goals?

The small business security squeeze:


 In 2023, 43% of all cyber attacks 

are aimed at small businesses


In 2023, only 14% of small businesses 

are protected against common attacks.

There is a lot of money being invested in cybersecurity, but our contribution to this effort is small and focused on protecting our assets and identities.

Why no one is coming to save us?

As we become increasingly reliant on technology, it is crucial to safeguard our personal information from thieves and hackers. There are many ways to do this, and it is important to be proactive to protect ourselves from identity theft, financial loss, and other problems.

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Why did cybercrime get so huge?

$6 trillion. That’s the estimated economic loss due to cybercrime in 2021, which will only worsen. Although cybercrime is on the rise, many people are still unaware of how easy it is to become a victim.

Read more on how cybercrime got so huge and what we can do about it.

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What's in a Cyber Score?

What’s in a Cyber Score?

3GO Personal Cyber Score is a new tool that will help you understand your risks and take the necessary steps to improve your security. With this valuable information, you can take control of your online safety and protect yourself from potential threats.

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What you should know about Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance is the fastest growing category of business insurance, for several reasons. The most obvious is so that you have a better chance of surviving a cyber attack if you have insurance. You might also need to carry cyber insurance as a condition of doing business with some companies and government agencies.

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