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What does it cost to take your privacy and security seriously? Do you need expensive experts to perform your assessment, write your policies, and create an action plan for you or your small business? Not anymore! Let us show you how you can secure yourself or small business the way an expert would.

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Cyber crime is the fastest growing “industry” in the world. Criminals take in more revenue than most countries, and they do not care who they get it from.  Since large corporations are investing millions and sometimes billions into protecting themselves, attacks on individuals and small businesses are going up. 

You can protect yourself from the vast majority of these attacks by taking simple actions. We’re here to guide you through that. 


3 Steps to Great Online Security


It's important to understand what you need to protect, what experts call your "attack surface". For individuals it's your financial accounts, personal devices, identity, home network and more. For small businesses it includes things like customer data and employees as well.

Cyber Score

Your Cyber Score is like a credit score for cybersecurity. It helps you understand the risk of being successfully attacked. Your 3GO CyberScore doesn't just show your overall risk - it shows the risk for each area.


3GO creates a security action plan tailored for you or your small business. It's not just a checklist - 3GO provides step-by-step instructions for actions and short "why this is important" articles to help you decide for yourself which actions to take.

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